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Dumebi Egbuna
September 21, 2021

4 Career Goals for the New Year

4 Career Goals for the New Year

For many reasons, including the pandemic and social unrest, 2020 was a tough year for folks.

More than ever, people are looking forward to a fresh start with the new year, especially when it comes to their careers. As you look ahead and make new year’s resolutions, keep these 4 career goals in mind for 2021!

1. Master work-life balance

Are we working from home or do we live at work?!

If you’re anything like me, you found yourself working way more than the average 40 hours/week this past year. The endless zooms, the conference calls, the could’ve been emails, the voluntary (aka mandatory) team happy hours - all of it seemed to eat into my personal time. With most of us working from home due to COVID, it’s become challenging to separate work from life.

This year, it’s crucial that we set boundaries between our work lives and our personal ones. Not only for the sake of our mental health, but also for the sake of those around us (sorry to all my friends who had to hear me vent about work the past 9 months). Let’s make a commitment to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. To do that, make sure to set strict schedules – try not replying to emails/pings between the hours of 6pm and 8:30am – and learn to say ‘no.’

2. Connect with other people

With most in-person events (conferences, happy hours, workshops, etc.) cancelled last year, a lot of us probably put networking on the backburner. If you didn’t grow your professional network last year, that’s okay, but let’s try to put more effort into meeting and connection with other people in 2021.

A lot of organizations have switched over to digital events, with plenty of opportunities to networks like the BC (before COVID) days. Make it a goal to connect with at least one person at your next company event. And if your company isn’t doing events, you can always join and contribute to various online professional communities!

3. Expand and enhance your knowledge

Chances are you got into a pretty mundane routine over the past 9 months. Wake up, have a coffee, work way later than you should, wind (or wine) down, and repeat it all the next day.

This year, we’re shaking things up! Let’s acquire skills that are outside of our comfort zone or area of expertise. Check out sites like Skillshare or Coursehero for free and low-cost classes on data science, design, brand marketing, and much more. Broaden your skills this year – you never know what your next opportunity will require!

4. Work on your personal brand

Creating a personal brand can be a daunting, mythical task, but it’s so worth it when it comes to future career opportunities! It goes further than a flashy logo or a website with your name on it; a personal brand is much bigger and all-encompassing. It’s about who you are and what you do. It’s how you present yourself – online and offline – to your ideal audience (potential employers, co-workers, people in and outside of your network).

In 2021 we are curating a life that we love, and a personal brand will be a big part of that. Start by thinking about who you are and what you want to convey and go from there!




Whether you’re looking to grow in your current role or preparing to embark on new job opportunities, setting specific and measurable goals can provide you with a path to career success. Here’s to putting 2020 behind us and going after everything that 2021 has in store!

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Dumebi Egbuna
Dumebi Egbuna is Co-founder and CMO of Chezie. She is also a self-proclaimed fashionista and lover of all things interior design.

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