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Dumebi Egbuna
October 4, 2021

Negotiating Your Benefits Package

Negotiating Your Benefits Package

Congrats! You’ve landed your dream job and it’s time to negotiate your job offer. Oftentimes, we go straight to the salary (understandably so!), but we overlook the numerous other benefits we could ask for. We must remember, even when employers cannot give a higher salary, they may have room to accommodate elsewhere.

Before negotiations, think about which benefits can add the most advantages to your work and personal life. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box; benefits are more than just health insurance and 401k plans. If wellness is important to you, try asking for a free gym membership or if you value traveling, ask for extra paid time off.

Feel stuck? Here are 5 things to negotiate as part of your job offer.

Job Title

This is a benefit that you can’t really quantify, but it could help you out in many ways. Having a more marketable and impressive title will give you something to lean on when it’s time to ask for a promotion or pursue another opportunity at a different company. Ask to have a title change that more accurately reflect the work that you’ll be doing. Especially at a smaller company with a less defined hierarchy, this should be an “easy ask” as it doesn’t cost your employer a penny.

Tuition or Continuing Education

Your experience is what helped you secure your new job, but building on your skills is important for nabbing the next one!

Most companies will budget professional development on a per-employee basis – that could be anything from certifications, conferences, or tuition reimbursement. However, these perks are often accompanied by several stipulations. Typically, the education has to be related to whatever you’re doing now (or will be doing in the future), and you may have to stay at the company for a minimum number of years.

Regardless, those requirements may be worth it for education that will impact present success and future promotions.

Early Promotion Review

This may sound like a boring one, but it can accelerate your first raise and your career trajectory. Most companies have set schedules for their promotional reviews, and it may be hard to deviate from that once you’re in the role. Ask for a review of compensation and benefits in 6 months. Also, ask for explicit metrics and goals that outline a promotion criteria so you know what to strive for and your employer has something to easily check your progress against.

Parental Leave & Child Care Reimbursement

Parental benefits – like child care reimbursement and parental leave – have gained serious popularity in recent years. It’s worth negotiating for these things if you have children (or plan on having children relatively soon) if it means they will make you happier and better able to achieve work-life balance in the long run. Find out what your employer currently offers as it pertains to parental benefits and negotiate for a policy that best suits your needs.

Signing Bonus

Bonuses are often overlooked, but they can and should be negotiated. Most of the time, there’s more flexibility when it comes to signing bonuses than salary increases, as it’s a one-time payment that doesn’t impact salary equity within an organization. Your signing bonus could help you get any additional money not approved in the salary negotiation.

Pro tip: Always negotiate a higher salary first, as your future increases will be based on that as opposed to bonuses.

Other benefits you can negotiate:

• Paid time off

• Gym memberships and wellness programs

• Work equipment (laptop, phone, standing desk, monitor, etc.)

• Travel benefits to your personal account

• Commute reimbursement

• Relocation costs

• Severance packages

• Tuition reimbursement

• Stock options

Once you have finished the negotiation process, make sure you get your final offer in writing. Take time to make sure that it includes all of your agreed-upon elements and save it somewhere safe. Having this tucked away can prevent misunderstandings in the future and ensures that you receive all the benefits that you negotiated for!

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Dumebi Egbuna
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