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About Huntress

Huntress is committed to creating a work environment that attracts top talent, and provides our employees with the tools and resources they need to continue growing and advancing their careers.

We’re truly passionate about the work we do every single day—whether we’re chasing down hackers, working with our partners, launching new services or building educational content.

Startup Vibes & Rapid Growth

In the world of cybersecurity, things move quickly—and our team is actively growing to ensure we can meet the needs of our partners and their customers. We’re fast, precise, and we roll up our sleeves and get excited to solve complex problems. We work just as hard to build technology as we do to break out of escape rooms.

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Working at Huntress Labs

We value transparency and fairness. This extends to our customers where we clearly explain why we've made business decisions, what our product does, and how we do it without misrepresenting the facts. We form partnerships with our customers rather than simply monetary transactions and it shows in the feedback and reviews we receive.

Even though most of our employees work remotely, we have a very collaborative culture which helps to offset any feelings of isolation. We are a remote-first culture and routinely jump on video calls to work together to discuss features, code review, pair program, or when we have something we want to show off.

Benefits and Perks

  • GENEROUS VACATION - We believe in work-life balance and chose to offer an explicit vacation policy rather than the trap of unlimited vacation. Full-time employees enjoy 3 weeks vacation, 40 hours sick leave, and 10 US federal holidays each year.
  • COMPANY RETREATS - Twice a year we have all-hands retreats that last for most of the work week. We call these Summer and Winter Summits. This gives us a chance to bond and work closely with all members of the team since Huntress has a large number of employees working remotely.
  • 401(K) CONTRIBUTION - We offer a matching 401(k) plan up to 5% of compensation immediately vested because none of us want to work forever.
  • WORK FROM HOME - Many of us are parents so we understand the need for flexibility when caring for your children and family. This fits well with our remote culture. Even employees who live near and work at an office, work from home when they need to.
  • FLEXIBLE HOURS - We believe in treating employees like adults and giving them the freedom to work around their schedule and busy lives to help maintain the work-life balance. The team is always available to collaborate during the day without needing strict core hours.
  • HEALTH INSURANCE - We provide full medical, dental, and vision coverage and fund 99% of the cost for the employee (insurance company won't let us pay 100% due to some strange rule).
We don't have any Stories for this company! Do you work here? You should submit your story!
We don't have any Stories for this company! Do you work here? You should submit your story!