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July 8, 2020

Company culture

McKinsey pays a lot of lip service to work life balance, but in my opinion, the company has not done enough to make this viable for most employees -- work life balance actually isn't so great because of the firm's emphasis on speed and demands of upper management. This lack of a balance definitely can affect quality of work and happiness because everyone is upset and tired, hours have become worse, and, as a result, lifestyle suffers. There are no boundaries from even working on a flight/trip.
July 8, 2020

Company culture

I do feel as though I can be myself, and on the day-to-day I have never felt any sort of tension or racist sentiment. McKinsey workers seem to be very polite and kind as a whole. The firm on an institutional level is starting to address race disparities, such as doubling the amount of diverse partners in the years to come. McKinsey wants to solve problems, but there are some things as McKinsey we cannot solve.
July 8, 2020

Application and interview process

The team got back to me very fast and effectively. Although my situation was unique because I was away from the firm so long before starting to work, communication was very good. I developed a relationship with those who worked at the firm during the summer, which was great.
July 8, 2020


I would say being in a different office in the same position would be my dream role at McKinsey. Given my interest in the Middle East, I would like to work in a Dubai office.
July 8, 2020

Diversity programs

Diversity programs have had a very positive impact on me. I am part of the McKinsey Black Network , and my first project manager was black. There was a McKinsey black network hiring event one day out of state, and though I wasn't on the invite list, my project manager invited me to come the day before anyway -- she booked me a flight and everything. This was a super fun experience, and the firm's investment of the resources into the program made it meaningful for me.