Empower your employee resource groups to recruit and retain talent.

Employee portal
Employee portal

Give all employees access to your ERGs

Invite every employee at your company to:

  • Join or leave any ERG on a self-serve basis.
  • Learn more about individual ERGs and find ways to get involved.
  • Register for all ERG events, not just those that you are a member of.
membership data

Track membership and participation

Empower your DEI team and your ERG leads to:

  • Track membership per ERG by team, level, and office.
  • Gauge participation from in-group members and allies in each ERG.
  • Analyze membership growth over time.
Membership data
event management
event management

Schedule events and track engagement

Use our event management platform to:

  • Schedule events and distribute calendar invites for all ERG events.
  • Create safe-space events by limiting participation to in-group members only.
  • Measure engagement by tracking event sign ups and attendance.
  • Gather feedback from event attendees to gauge outcomes.
  • Track spending to measure ROI.

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