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By building the single control surface for releasing new features and code across platforms, we can help software teams everywhere raise their quality bars and build amazing products.

About Screenplay

Every day, teams launch new tools, products, and apps that play an increasingly central role in our lives. This means that issues of correctness, functionality, and performance are more than just unpleasant blips; they can have real-world consequences ranging from a missed dinner date to a flopped Democratic primary. Despite this, we interact with low-quality software every day.

Many see this as inevitable as development cycles get shorter: innovation requires fast iteration, and good quality comes from slowing that down. We think this is a false trade-off, and our mission at Screenplay is to build tools that help us shift our approach to quality from a waterfall to a continuous process - much as we’ve already done as an industry for the ways we develop and deploy software.

Our Mission

At Screenplay, we believe that by building the single control surface for releasing new features and code across platforms, we can help software teams everywhere raise their quality bars and build amazing products. We’re starting with a novel platform that lets mobile teams instantly roll back their apps - allowing them to move faster and create with confidence.

About the Role

Screenplay is growing rapidly, and we're looking for a founding software engineer to help us define the company’s technical direction. This person will work up and down our stack, and propose and lead new projects.

Rethinking the way apps are rolled out to billions of people each day is no small feat, and we believe that the best solutions are built when most talented, ambitious, and dedicated people from diverse backgrounds come together. A small but mighty team, our culture centers on putting people first, applying science and craftsmanship, practicing disciplined ambition, and giving ownership - both literally (with equity) and in the responsibility and scope you’ll have as a part of our founding team. Outside of work you’ll find us brewing espresso drinks, producing music, or practicing yoga. We can’t wait to see what you’ll add to the mix.

What you’ll do.

  • Work with us to define the technical direction of the company
  • Engineer iOS and Android app build systems
  • Mentor other engineers and architect frameworks to help us build a codebase that scales
  • Architect new systems around mobile rollbacks, canary deployments, real-time metric processing, and more.

What we’re looking for.

  • Industry experience building high-quality software products
  • An ability to identify problems, build alignment, and implement solutions autonomously
  • Comfortable working with and designing abstractions and frameworks which increase developer velocity
  • Experience with Buck, Bazel, and AWS is a plus

As a team, we're very aware of the structural issues that have created inequalities for different communities. We also recognize that women and underrepresented minorities are less likely to apply for a role if they don't think that they meet all of the requirements. If that's you and you're reading this, we encourage you to apply anyway - we'd love to get to know you and see if there's a place for you here at Screenplay!

Life @ Screenplay

Competitive salary & equity. We're backed by some of the best investors and excited to offer competitive compensation packages.

Expected equity. We get that exits are sometimes great for founders but not their early employees, so we put a floor on the value of your equity to make sure we can always take care of our team.

Role trajectory. We're excited to build a team who's responsibilities and comp to grow as we do.

Benefits. Top-tier health, dental, and vision coverage and generous parental leave

Time to decompress. We ask that our team take 4 weeks of vacation a year to unplug and unwind.

Relocation expenses. While this role is remote through Spring 2021, we're hoping to build an NYC-first team and are happy to help with your relocation expenses.

Build your ideal desk setup. Working from home has its ups and downs but your comfort shouldn't be one.

The team that eats together. Company-paid lunch and coffee during workdays.

Commuter perks. Ride around NYC with an Unlimited Ride MetroCard, on us.

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