Chief Technology Officer

Atlanta, GA or Remote

To apply for the CTO position, please send your resume in an email to

Who we are

Our Story starts with one question: how do we help people from underrepresented communities find careers that they love? 

Our answer is simple: community. We’re creating a community of diverse students and professionals sharing workplace experiences so people can find those companies and careers where they belong. We’re also helping companies create and foster inclusive internal communities by giving them the tools that they need to empower their employee resource groups. 

Our vision is to create the most inclusive workplaces on earth. Come join us for the ride!

What we’re looking for

We are looking for a Chief Technology Officer to lead development of our B2B software solution. You should have experience building enterprise software, and bonus points if you've worked on HR/People Ops products. This person should have experience with front-end technologies, and will have an eye for attention to detail. Heavy emphasis is placed on UI experience. You will also be responsible for managing our technology budget and for maintaining and updating our technological vision. 

Most importantly, you will be passionate about contributing to our vision and bring your own perspective to the work we’re doing. 


  • Setting a vision for how technology will be used in the company.
  • Ensuring that technological resources meet the company's short and long-term needs.
  • Outline the goals for research and development.
  • Creating timelines for the development and deployment of all technological services.
  • Making executive decisions on behalf of the company's technological requirements.
  • Acting as a mentor to team members.
  • Maintaining a consumer-focused outlook and aiding in the delivery of IT projects to market.
  • Managing technology budgets and time frames.
  • Staying on top of technology trends and developments.
  • Ensuring all technology practices adhere to regulatory standards.


  • Minimum 5 years of experience with any combination of different development positions, languages, or frameworks.


  • React.JS
  • Redux and/or React-query
  • CSS3
  • Front-end frameworks such as styled-components + Formik
  • Git/Github
  • Unit testing 
  • GraphQL
  • Node.JS
  • MySQL
  • AWS


  • Maintain momentum and consistently work on/complete GitHub issues assigned.
  • Meet once a week for a sprint meeting to discuss what was completed, and what is needed for the following week’s sprint.
  • It’s crucial that the candidate is able to receive designs and implement to spec.
  • Create pull requests in GitHub / review pull requests.
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