We have very similar stories - good, bad, and in-between - that have shaped our career experiences. Chezie is a career insight platform with the goal of sharing these stories so other job-seekers and professionals from underrepresented communities can learn from them and, ultimately, find a career they love.

As a Storyteller, you would help to capture the experiences of underrepresented employees at companies across the country. By leveraging your network - school alumni, family, friends, etc. - you'd be responsible for interviewing these folks and recording their experiences around aspects like career development, representation, and diversity programs at the companies they work for. Being a Storyteller is a great opportunity to build on your network and learn more about careers in consulting, tech, finance, and more!

This is a paid position! For every story you tell, you will receive $20.

Our vision is to level the playing field and connect minorities with the career opportunities out there for them. Join us for the ride!

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