ERG Formation Application

Make this template available to employees that want to launch a new ERG at your company.

This template is intended to help leaders for this new ERG formalize their goals and structure so they can start off on the right foot.

Section 1 - Welcome!

Chezie is a company committed to creating an inclusive workplace for our employees and promoting equity in the community that we serve [insert your company’s mission statement]. 

Employee Resource Groups [if you have another name for ERGs, be sure to write it in here] are central to our diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy. They serve as a safe space for employees of all backgrounds and identities to come together. They are also critical for our business, as we rely on our ERGs to support company objectives. Membership in ERGs is 100% voluntary for employees, but we encourage all employees to join and participate in ERGs as we know they significantly contribute to the employee experience here at Chezie.

Template screenshot