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Maximizing Employee Resource Group Engagement for Success

December 5, 2022
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Maximizing Employee Resource Group Engagement for Success

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are an important part of creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. They provide employees with the opportunity to network, learn about different cultures, and contribute to their company’s success. However, in order for ERGs to be effective it is essential that they have strong engagement from members. To ensure this happens companies need strategies in place that foster employee resource group engagement and make sure these groups remain active throughout the year.

In this blog post we will discuss what ERG engagement looks like, how it can benefit your organization, as well as tips on boosting member participation so you get maximum value out of your Employee Resource Groups!

The Benefits of ERG Engagement

Employee resource groups (ERGs) can provide numerous benefits to both employees and employers. Engaged ERG members are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and less likely to leave the company. This is because ERGs offer a sense of belonging, community, and support that many people may not find in other areas of the workplace.

Three benefits of ERGs

  1. ERGs also serve as a valuable source of feedback for management on issues affecting employees. By engaging in conversations with members, managers can gain insight into how different cultures view certain topics or policies within the organization. This allows them to make better decisions when it comes to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.
  2. Additionally, ERGs can help build a sense of community within the workplace and foster teamwork among employees from different backgrounds. Through events such as team-building activities or volunteer opportunities, ERG members have an opportunity to get together outside of work hours and learn about each other’s experiences while developing relationships that will last beyond their time at the company.
  3. Finally, engaged ERG members are more likely to become advocates for diversity initiatives within their organizations by speaking up about issues they feel passionate about or helping spread awareness through social media campaigns or internal newsletters. They may even take on leadership roles within their group which helps create positive change from within the organization itself!

Overall, employee resource groups offer a multitude of advantages when it comes to fostering engagement amongst its members and creating an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels welcome regardless of background or culture. 

Employee resource groups can be powerful tools for creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace, so it's important to understand how to best engage them. In the next section, we will explore strategies for managing ERG budgets.

Key Takeaway: Employee resource groups offer numerous benefits to both employees and employers, including a sense of belonging, community, feedback for management on issues affecting employees, team-building activities and volunteer opportunities. With adequate budgeting and resources allocated towards these groups, companies can ensure that they are obtaining maximum value from these initiatives while ensuring every employee is included in decision-making processes throughout the organization.

What Does ERG Engagement Look Like?

ERG engagement is an important part of any organization’s diversity and inclusion strategy. It involves creating multiple avenues for members to participate in ERGs, such as attending events, planning activities, welcoming new members, and supporting recruiting campaigns.

Typically, ERG engagement is captured as either a. attending an event or b. participating in a discussion in a Slack or Teams channel. Though both of these activities are important, you should try to create multiple avenues for members to engage with your ERGs. Limiting engagement to events excludes members who simply cannot attend events due to prior obligations (after all, participation in ERGs should be voluntary). Out side of events and group communications, here are a few other examples of ERG engagement:

  • Planning activities is another way to engage ERG members. This could include volunteering at local charities or organizing company-wide initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Activities like these help foster a sense of community among ERG members while also providing them with valuable experiences they can use in their professional lives.
  • Welcoming new members is key when it comes to engaging with existing ones too; it helps create a feeling of belonging within the group which encourages people to stay involved over time. You can do this by sending out welcome emails or hosting onboarding sessions where current ERG leaders introduce themselves and share their stories with newcomers so they feel comfortable joining the group right away.
  • Supporting recruitment campaigns is essential for ensuring that your organization has diverse talent coming through its doors on a regular basis; something that should be done regardless of whether you have an active ERG program or not. By encouraging current employees who belong to different groups (e.g., women in tech) to refer candidates from similar backgrounds, you will ensure that your team reflects the population you serve better than ever before.

ERG engagement is about creating a sense of belonging, empowering employees to create meaningful connections, and inspiring them to contribute positively towards the organization. To ensure this happens, it's important for managers to understand how best to manage ERG budgets.

Key Takeaway: Employee resource groups are an important part of any organization's diversity and inclusion strategy. To effectively engage members, organizations should think outside of the box to allow members to engage on their own time through various channels like planning programming, welcoming new members, and supporting recruiting partnerships. This will foster a sense of community among ERG members while also helping to ensure that the team reflects the population it serves.

How to Boost ERG Engagement

When it comes to ERG engagement, there are a few strategies you can take to ensure your members stay engaged. Three strategies to consider:

1. Post Regular Content

To keep members interested in the ERG, post regular content on Slack or Teams channels. This could include updates about upcoming events, articles related to the group’s mission and values, or even just funny memes that make people smile. Keeping things fresh and exciting will help draw more attention from members who may have otherwise lost interest over time.

Case study: How Bethany Nicole Smith boosted her Slack engagement 20% 

Here's a walkthrough of how Bethany Nicole Smith, Senior Workplace Program Coordinator at Justworks, used a series of content to boost Slack engagement.

2. Ask Members What They Want

It’s important for your employee resource group leads to ask their members what they want out of the group experience. Doing this helps create an environment where everyone feels heard and valued, which is essential for keeping engagement levels high. You can also use surveys or polls as a way to get feedback from your ERG members on topics like event ideas or initiatives they would like to see implemented within the organization.

3. Highlight your most engaged members

Find your champions. These are the members that attend every event, are active in the Slack channels, and regularly provide feedback for your ERGs to improve. Highlighting these people in All-hands and regular ERG meetings makes them feel appreciated, and encourages less-engaged members to participate so they, too, can be acknowledged. Through social media posts or other forms of recognition, you can create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) among potential participants which may encourage them to join in on future activities.


Employee resource groups are an invaluable tool for fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace. When managed properly, ERGs can provide a platform for employees to network with people from similar backgrounds, learn about new cultures, and contribute to your company's overall success. By understanding what employee resource group engagement looks like and how to boost it, you can ensure that your ERG members get the most out of their experience. With thoughtful planning and dedication to creating meaningful connections between members, you will be able to maximize the potential of your employee resource group engagement efforts.

We need to ensure that employee resource group budgets are managed effectively and efficiently. Organizations must prioritize the engagement of these groups, while also providing adequate resources for them to reach their goals. By investing in ERG budgeting strategies and implementation plans, we can make sure that all employees have access to meaningful opportunities within our organization. Together, let's create an environment where everyone is heard and supported!

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