ABCs of Allyship

December 14, 2021
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Learn how to be a better ally to marginalized groups in this interactive session!

About this event

What do marginalized groups need from their allies? How can those with privilege use that privilege to benefit those who are marginalized? How do people become allies, backers, and champions (ABCs)? Come explore these questions and hear how Aimee’s experience developing and leading the Ally Program at Bank of America has impacted how she sees allyship today.

About Aimee Broadhurst

Aimee Broadhurst is the Founder and CEO of Inclusive Space and Vice-Chair of the ERG Leadership Alliance (ELA). Her 2021 books, “The ERG Handbook” and “The ERG Handbook Companion Workbook” demonstrate her Fortune 50 experience and personal commitment to help diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders harness the power of employee groups (ERGs/BRGs/Affinity Groups/etc.) to create more inclusive workspaces. Whether speaking at conferences, teaching bootcamps or being interviewed, Aimee brings a wealth of energy and expertise in DEI strategy, ERG operations, allyship and executive sponsorship.

About ERG Leadership Alliance

As the ERG of ERGs, ELA's mission is to empower diversity champions with the knowledge, tools & connections needed to make employee groups successfully launch, grow & thrive.

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