Coming Out of Hiding to Help Others Share Their Story

May 23, 2023
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There are millions of people living with chronic illnesses, mental illnesses, invisible illnesses and disabilities. They each have a story to share.

During this session, Harper Spero, the founder and storyteller of Made Visible, will share her experience of living with an invisible illness. Harper will discuss her journey of silently suffering from a rare primary immunodeficiency for almost three decades, which inspired her to launch a podcast and a business to help others share their stories. Whether or not you have an invisible illness, you have probably faced health challenges or know someone who has. Harper will offer prompts, tips for getting vulnerable, and guidance on how to write your own story.

If you are looking for additional writing prompts, you can find them here:

About Harper

Harper is a storyteller and community builder for people living with invisible illness. She's lived her whole life with Hyper IgE Syndrome, a rare immunodeficiency that took a decade to get diagnosed. After keeping her illness a secret for nearly 30 years and undergoing a life-altering surgery, she decided she could no longer remain silent.

As she started writing about her invisible illness, she realized that sharing her story wasn’t just empowering individually, it helped others with invisible illnesses feel seen, while also raising visibility for those living in the shadows of their illnesess. In 2018, Harper launched the Made Visible podcast, sharing stories of invisible illness from around the world. As Made Visible grew, she began hosting writing classes, consulting with businesses, and continued her work as a business coach, advocate, and facilitator of important invisible illness conversations around the world. She’s released over 100 episodes of Made Visible podcast which has been featured in TheSkimm, Health Magazine, Self Magazine and Well+Good. Visit and follow @madevisiblestories on Instagram.

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