Money Talks! Planning Your 2022 ERG Budget

November 10, 2021
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About this event

What’s the typical budget for a resource group? Does it vary from group to group? How do you get an increased budget? How are resource-group leaders held accountable for how they spend their budgets?

We've heard your questions and we have answers! Join us for this informative session hosted by Jes Osrow, Co-founder and COO of The Rise Journey.

About Chezie

Chezie was created with a belief: people should be in workplaces where they belong. We're working every day to turn this belief into reality. We help job-seekers by gathering Stories from employees at prospective companies. Using these Stories, candidates can find out what it's like to work at a company from people that identify similarly to them.

We help companies by giving them the solutions they need to empower their employee resource groups (ERGs). With our software, employers can track membership, events, and engagement to ultimately create more inclusive workplaces and retain diverse talent

About Jes Osrow

Jes gets sh*t done and has the energy of four people. Her goal is to create fundamental change in people operations. As Co-Founder and COO of The Rise Journey, she operationalizes DEIBA (diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility) strategies as part of building foundational and sustainable organizational culture. She works to empower inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible workplaces for all employees.

As a no BS kind of person, Jes is focused on hands-on engagement, real world experiences, and communicating successes and struggles in personal and professional realms. Her talks and workshops are engaging, transparent, and relatable, with action-oriented takeaways. Jes has an extensive background working with startups, specifically in international tech and mental health. Her focus areas include: Career development, invisible disability advocacy, imposter syndrome, diversity recruitment and engagement strategies, ERGs, and women in tech.

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