Power Partners: Mastering the Art of Executive Sponsor Relationships

June 18, 2024
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This workshop emphasizes the pivotal role Executive Sponsors play in advancing ERG objectives, highlighting how allyship can amplify ERG voices and offering strategies to foster mutual understanding and trust. During this session, Latesha Byrd, CEO of Perfeqta, will equip Executive Sponsors with a deep understanding of their impactful role in guiding ERGs and help ERG leaders know exactly when and how to leverage these powerful partners.

Latesha Byrd

Latesha Byrd drives transformation and enlightenment in the corporate world as a change agent, thought leader, and speaker. Through her work, she inspires and cultivates workplace equity and fosters high-performing teams on how to create a richer company culture.

As the CEO and Founder of Perfetqa, a boutique talent development consulting agency, Latesha empowers companies to promote equity, organizational wellness, and inclusion. Her expertise has impacted several organizations, such as Industrious, LegalZoom, and Zapier, where she developed workplace strategies, frameworks, and methodologies based on research and data from Perfeqta’s proprietary assessment tools. She facilitates trainings that cultivate healthy work environments and top-tier talent programs. 

Latesha's visionary leadership extends beyond Perfeqta, as she advises C-suite executives one-on-one in implementing equitable practices, policies, and programs that cultivate high-performing cultures. 

Committed to her mission, Latesha champions the advancement of Black and historically excluded communities, providing them with the tools and insights to excel in corporate settings. Through her work with Career Chasers, a global coaching program Latesha founded, she empowered thousands of people, across 10 countries and over 20 industries, to gain confidence and easily navigate the corporate landscape.

Latesha's expertise extends beyond this, though. She is a great orator, often leading workshops and hosting speaking engagements for companies like YouTube, Aflac, Women Who Code, and Black Enterprise, covering topics like workplace equity, company culture, and belonging. 

Her guidance is currently featured in many prominent publications, including Forbes, WSJ, Essence, Money, and The New York Times. Learn more from Latesha by subscribing to her newsletter, WorkFlow, and following her on socials.

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