Preventing ERG Leader Burnout: Embodied Resilience

July 25, 2023
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Resilience is grounded in our capacity to rest deeply and re-fuel so that we have the capacity to re-engage effectively with what matters most. Learn how a mindfulness practice recalibrates your nervous system and supports recovery from stress, burnout, and exhaustion. Set aside demands and indulge in a session of restful, nourishing mindfulness practices that prepare you to meet the demanding pace of life with vitality and joy.

Session Outline:

  • Understanding the difference between resting and collapsing
  • How stress impacts your nervous system, your body, and your experience
  • Expanding your “Window of Tolerance” for stress
  • How to tap into and reinforce your natural capacity for ease, vitality and joy
  • Learn quick, helpful, on-the-go embodied practices to carry you through busy days and weeks

Facilitator: Colette DeHarpporte M.A.

Colette DeHarpporte is an entrepreneur and a qualified MBSR instructor through UCSD Medical School and is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher. She has trained extensively in Embodied Social Justice, Trauma Sensitive Practice, and Resilience Oriented Practice and has a commitment to bringing mind-body practices to under-resourced communities.

With a BS in Public Health and experience living with autoimmune disease and chronic-pain, she has a broad and nuanced understanding of the complexities of mental, emotional, and physical health. With an MA in Organizational Management and experience in interdisciplinary education, she loves creating and offering experiential opportunities for people to expand and support their own wellbeing.

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