The Year of Impact! Introduction to Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

January 26, 2023
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We're teaming up with Sharitta Marshall, Founder of Visionary Development Consulting, to go back to the basics.

We're giving our audience and introduction to ERGs where we'll talk through how to properly launch and establish your groups, how to boost engagement amongst members, and how to measure success. The framework for this discussion will be based on the key performance elements of The ERG Movement Model - data, process, people, brand, and output.

Kick off 2023 with us!

About Sharitta

As the founder of Visionary Development Consulting, Sharitta is a highly skilled and experienced consultant with over 10 years of experience in the field of ERG management. She specializes in ERG management, certification, roadmapping, training, and speaking engagements. Her passion lies in empowering individuals and teams to create psychologically safe, inclusive and supportive work environments. She is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes realize their full potential through the power of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

With a proven track record of success in ERG management, Sharitta has helped numerous organizations successfully implement and maintain effective ERG programs to drive diversity, inclusion, and engagement within their workforce. Her expertise extends beyond ERG management, as she is also an accomplished public speaker and trainer, with a talent for engaging and motivating audiences. She have presented at numerous conferences and events and have received rave reviews for her informative and engaging presentations.

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