May 27, 2024

Building a globally inclusive ERG program | Courtney Humphrey (Ex-2U)

Join us on Intent to Impact the ERG Podcast as Courtney Humphrey, Senior Global DEI Specialist at 2U, explores the intricacies of building globally inclusive Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Throughout the episode, Courtney provides valuable insights on developing ERGs that embrace and celebrate diversity across multiple countries, ensuring programs are culturally sensitive and inclusive. This conversation offers practical advice for DEI and ERG leaders looking to create impact and foster belonging in a global corporate landscape.

Courtney's Bio

Courtney Humphrey is the DEI Manager at Monumental Sports and Entertainment, leading initiatives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Previously, she was the Senior DEI Specialist at 2U, where she enhanced access to employee resource groups and diversity councils, creating global DEIB resources. At 2U, she managed nine global ERGs and played an active role in the Black Engagement Network (BNet), promoting cultural celebration, education, support, and programming to amplify the Black voice. She also launched “Leadership LinkUps: Belonging in the Workplace,” a series highlighting diverse leaders fostering belonging. Courtney holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland, College Park, and is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Key Takeaways

  • To avoid US-centric programming, 2U's ERGs are encouraged to develop local leaders in various regions. This helps ensure that the needs of employees in different parts of the world are met, which is inherent in a truly global ERG program.
  • ERGs at 2U focus on serving both their specific communities and allies. They balance the needs of global members and ensures no one feels excluded due to time differences For example, the Black African Resource Network (BARN) in South Africa records events to accommodate different time zones, to ensure accessibility and inclusivity.
  • Each ERG at 2U has an executive sponsor who advocates for their group, promotes events, and encourages participation from other leaders and employees. This level of accountability ensures that leadership actively supports DEI initiatives.

In this episode, we cover:

  • 00:32) Exploring Global ERGs with Courtney Humphrey
  • (00:47) The Diversity of ERGs at 2U
  • (01:51) Ensuring Inclusivity in Global ERG Programs
  • (04:12) Addressing the Challenge of US-Centric Programming
  • (06:08) Creative and Intentional ERG Event Planning
  • (09:12) Learning from Mistakes and Fostering Inclusion
  • (12:37) Global Team Efforts and Continuous Learning
  • (16:15) Deep Dive into DEI Data and Engagement
  • (18:31) Global ERG Strategies and Annual Planning
  • (20:26) Effective Communication Across Global Teams
  • (23:09) Leadership Engagement and Accountability
  • (25:32) Addressing Challenges and Building Support
  • (28:00) Parting Wisdom for DEI Practitioners

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