June 10, 2024

Elevating ERGs through executive sponsorship | Guishard Revan (Expedia Group)

Join us on Intent to Impact as Guishard Revan, Senior Global Manager of Diversity & Inclusion at Expedia Group, discusses the vital role of executive sponsors in supporting Inclusion Business Groups (IBGs) at Expedia Group. Guishard explores how executive sponsors mentor IBG members and leaders, align IBG initiatives with business goals, and strengthen leadership presence. This conversation highlights how executive sponsors, even those outside the represented communities, can be effective allies and advocates for employees.

Guishard's Bio:

Guishard Revan is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion professional with over 9 years of experience in employee engagement, organizational effectiveness, and program management. Currently, he is the Sr. Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager at the travel tech company, Expedia Group. In this role, he leads the strategy for their 8 Inclusion Business Group program (5,000+ members) by identifying ways to integrate IBGs into the business to influence the company’s culture while supporting IBG Leaders to further foster global and local belonging for all underrepresented communities.


Guishard's belief in the transformative power of personal narratives and authentic words, underpinned by solid data, is a cornerstone of his approach to embedding belonging into the workplace. His work not only highlights needs from an equity perspective but also bridges gaps between colleagues, creating a more inclusive and empathetic world for all.

Key Takeaways
  •  Effective executive sponsorship in ERGs requires a personal connection and alignment with the ERG's goals. By authentically engaging and mentoring ERG leaders, executive sponsors foster more meaningful and productive relationships. This approach ensures both strategic leadership and a supportive environment for ERG members.
  • Executive sponsors play a crucial role in amplifying the voices and stories of ERG members.Through visible actions like participating in panels and sharing personal narratives, they can inspire and validate the experiences of ERG members. Leveraging their positions, sponsors ensure that the ERG's priorities align with business goals and receive appropriate attention and resources.
  • Successful executive sponsors must balance strategic business objectives with empathetic leadership. Awareness and responsiveness to the specific needs of the ERG are essential for fostering a sense of support and value within the organization. Regular communication, mentoring, and providing platforms for ERGs to voice concerns and achievements are critical practices for impactful sponsorship.

In this episode we cover:

  • 00:33 Meet Guishard Revan
  • 02:02 Overview of ERGs at Expedia Group
  • 03:04 Role of Executive Sponsors
  • 03:23 Onboarding New Executive Sponsors
  • 06:57 Mentorship and Leadership Presence
  • 08:27 Engaging Middle Managers
  • 10:09 Collaboration Between IBG Leaders and Executive Sponsors
  • 12:26 Recruiting Executive Sponsors
  • 15:54 Communicating Needs and Holding Sponsors Accountable
  • 21:31 Coaching Executive Sponsors to be Active Allies
  • 27:20 Maximizing Impact as an Executive Sponsor

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