ERG Charter

Your ERG Charter is what guides the decisions and programming that your group makes.
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Use this template as a Charter for your ERG.

Your charter helps identify your group's purpose, structure, and team.

This document contains:

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Membership Guidelines
  3. Leadership Structure
  4. Meeting Schedule
  5. Reporting Structure


Reporting Structure

Note: Your reporting structure will largely depend on the maturity level of your group and your group’s goals. Choose the metrics below that match your group’s stage. For more information on identifying metrics for your ERG, refer to this article

We capture and report on the following metrics to gauge the success of our group:

  • Overall membership - the number of people that have joined our ERG. 
  • Event registration - the number of people that sign up for our events. 
  • Event attendance - the number of people that attend our events, whether in-person or virtual. 
  • Event NPS - the average net promoter score (how likely are you to recommend this event to a colleague?) for our events. 
  • # of business initiatives supported - the number of initiatives we’ve partnered on with various teams at our company. 
  • Mentorship program participation - the number of our group members that participate in our mentorship program.
  • # of referrals submitted - the number of employee referrals submitted via our ERG members.

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