ERG Event Planning

Planning your next ERG event

Events are a huge part of ERG programming and tend to have a tremendous impact on both in-group and allies. They bring people together and provide an opportunity for members of an ERG to fellowship. Done right, events can be a driving force for accomplishing your ERG goals. To get to this point, however, it’s important that you are consistent with event best practices:

  • Confirming dates, times, and other scheduling logistics
  • Creating and distributing event communications for all events
  • Setting a regular process for planning events and receiving approval from your DEI team
  • Tracking attendance and responses
  • Recording expenses for events

This template will help you create a streamlined and consistent process for planning your ERG events. The goal of this template is to support events so each has a defined purpose, a clear set of expectations, and an anticipated cost.

It is absolutely imperative that you have the same planning process for every event that you ERGs host. Additionally, as ERGs and DEI within an organization grow and mature, every ERG should follow the same process. Disjointed processes lead to different groups getting different resources, which contributes to overall inequality in the workplace.

Template screenshot