Establishing an ERG Worksheet

ERGs should be employee-led. Use this worksheet to help you launch your ERGs.
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Launching an ERG

Since ERGs are almost always employee-led, they can be launched by anyone in your organization. Typically, there are informal communities within companies that want to transition into more formal employee resource groups. Whether you already have these informal communities in place and you want to formalize them, or whether you’re starting your group from scratch, you can use this worksheet to help you launch your ERG.


Establish your mission and goals

Your mission and goals should be created alongside the employees that are interested in joining your ERGs. This mission guides your group’s initiatives and campaigns through the year. Additionally, your group’s goals should represent your company and your group’s common interests.

Answer the following questions to help set your mission and goals:

  1. What are the core values of your group?
  2. How can we differentiate ourselves from other groups at the company?
  3. What actions need to be taken to achieve the group’s mission?

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