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Leading the Charge with Brittany Foster, DEI Director at RxBenefits

September 6, 2023
3 min. read

Navigating ERG Leadership at RX Benefits

Britany Foster of RXBenefits joined us for a discussion about her experience overseeing DE&I Strategy and leading the ERG Program at RXBenefits. Learn how she encourages and advocates for ERG leaders, employees, and allies to get involved.

Company: Rx Benefits

Company Size: 850 FTEs

Number of ERGs: 4 - RxB A.B.L.E., ****Pa'lante ****Unidos, Black Advocates & Allies, The Parent Project


Chezie: Thank you for participating in this case study on ERG leadership. To start off, could you briefly introduce yourself and provide some context about the ERGs at RX Benefits?

Brittany Foster (she/her): Certainly, I'm delighted to be here. I'm Brittany Foster, and I oversee our DE&I Strategy and the Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at RxBenefits. Our organization has around 850 employees and currently operates with four ERGs. The primary goal of our ERGs is to enhance our employees' experience and foster a sense of community within our growing company.

Chezie: That's great to know. Could you give us an idea of how long you've had these ERGs and what your main goals are with them?

Brittany Foster (she/her): Of course. We launched our ERGs in March of this year, and our primary focus is on improving our employees' experience by creating a stronger sense of community and connection. As our company has experienced rapid growth over the last five years, we want to ensure that all employees, particularly those from historically underrepresented groups, feel welcomed and engaged.

Chezie: I see. Can you provide some insights into how you managed the launch and ramp-up of these ERGs?

Brittany Foster (she/her): Certainly. When we initiated the ERG launch, we developed a standardized framework and operating procedures for ERGs, which we communicated to the organization. We presented a business case outlining the benefits of ERGs, highlighting their positive impact on employee experience and engagement. We conducted surveys to gauge interest and connected those interested in specific ERGs. From there, the ERG members collaborated on creating charters, impact plans, and leadership positions. We used this approach to facilitate the ERGs' establishment and subsequent activities.

Chezie: It sounds like you've put a lot of thought into the process. What have been some successful initiatives carried out by your ERGs?

Brittany Foster (she/her): We've had a couple of notable successes. Our Hispanic or Latino ERG, known as Pa’lante Unidos, is participating in an event during Hispanic Heritage Month, which garners substantial engagement, called Fiesta. They are also introducing "Cafecito Connections," a quick, informal conversation series that generated high attendance and encouraged dialogue. Another upcoming initiative is the Magic City Classic, a football game where our Black Advocacy & Allies ERG is hosting a tailgate event, promoting community and personal interactions among our remote employees.

Chezie: It's great to hear about these impactful initiatives. Could you share your strategies for effectively involving allies within the ERGs?

Brittany Foster (she/her): Encouraging allyship within our ERGs is crucial for our success. We conducted an "Allyship at Work" course using resources like LeanIn, helping allies understand their roles and how they can contribute effectively. We've found it essential to include allies, even for ERGs centered around specific dimensions of diversity. By engaging allies, we ensure broader representation and generate a more inclusive environment, which is especially important given our organization's demographics.

Chezie: That's a valuable approach. Shifting focus a bit, how do you recognize and appreciate the efforts of your ERG leaders, even in cases where budgets are constrained?

Brittany Foster (she/her): We utilize various methods to acknowledge our ERG leaders. During our organization-wide teams meetings, I use my presentation slot to highlight an ERG each time. We also have a virtual appreciation platform where we send cards to recognize their achievements. Additionally, we're planning virtual team-building activities to show appreciation and provide an opportunity for the leaders to relax and connect on a personal level.

Chezie: It's evident that you value your ERG leaders' contributions. Looking ahead, what's your vision for the future of ERGs at RX Benefits?

Brittany Foster (she/her): Moving forward, we're aiming to transition from primarily community-building initiatives to driving real business impact through our ERGs. While we've achieved great engagement and community building in the early stages, our focus will shift toward projects that influence business decisions and benefit the organization as a whole. We're excited to leverage the expertise and passion within our ERGs to contribute more significantly to our company's success.

Chezie: That sounds like an exciting evolution for your ERGs. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and experiences, Brittany.

Brittany Foster (she/her): I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to this case study. Thank you for your time as well.

Through excellent leadership, RXBenefits ERGs have evolved from simple community-building platforms to influential drivers of change within the organization. By recognizing the efforts of ERG leaders, welcoming allies, and supporting pivotal initiatives, the recently launched ERGs at RXBenefits have thrived and evolved. With the ever-increasing importance of inclusivity in the workplace, investing in your ERGs and ERG leaders is a wise decision to keep employees happy, safe, and productive.

If you’d like to learn more about RX Benefits, click here.

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