Exec Sponsor Roles & Responsibilities

Use this template as a job description/posting for your Executive Sponsors.

There are a few things that every successful employee resource group has: 

  1. Mission statement
  2. Charter
  3. Leadership structure
  4. Executive sponsors

Items 1-3 on the above list are relatively straightforward (if you’re looking for support creating these, check out our other templates). 

Item #4, however, might be a bit difficult to obtain. While your executives might be eager to support the DEI work that’s happening within the organization by taking on the role of Executive Sponsor, they might not totally understand what the role entails. 

This template will help you outline the roles and responsibilities of an Executive Sponsor to ensure that you’re taking advantage of the attention and time that your company leadership is dedicating to your ERGs. This template should be shared with any executives that have demonstrated interest in becoming an executive sponsor, and as a DEI/ERG Program Manager, you should meet with them either via a call or asynchronously to answer any questions they may have about the role.

Template screenshot